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Hello! My name is Allison Woodward. I am recently married with a baby girl on the way as of January 2022. I am a stay at home mama, and my husband is a Police Officer. Before I got married I was a licensed behavioral therapist, and finding time to date my now husband was difficult. Our schedules clashed completely! When we decided it was better for me to stay home, we realized we didn't want this schedule when we started to build a family. We wanted to build a culture of family and quality time. With him being a police officer that is a challenge! That's when we found our love and passion for traveling! On our first vacation together, we realized stepping away from the chaos and todo's brought us together more than ever! It was freeing, relaxing, we got to remember what it was like to just be together. This kickstarted our decisions to homeschool, and start building those family traditions of traveling together several times a year. That vision in mind, it was time to join 3D Travel Company to start up our business helping other family's achieve the same thing! A stress free vacation where everything is handled for you. No research, no unanswered questions, no stress. Just excitement, anticipation for the trip, and all the events following up to that like Disney marathon movie nights, creating your costumes for the themed nights on the ship, and more. To be able to give other families the chance to have what me and my husband found through traveling is such a blessing! I think the best reward would be if my clients came back and told me that's exactly what they needed to reset for the year and achieve their family goals without the build up of stress. Working with  3D Travel Company allows me to exercise these passions beside a team of people with the same vision to help restore family connection and reduce stress! 

        I chose to be a 3D Travel Agent knowing how powerful family memories can be. In my previous career, I used to work with people who have Autism. One moment that I remember fondly is getting the opportunity to help a family and their boy. We worked on getting him ready for plane rides, roller coasters, loud noises, and everything in between! When this sweet family got back they cried telling me that it was their first vacation problem free. As a 3D Travel Agent I can do my very best to give families what I once received, a problem free break from the chaos of life to have fun, laugh and maybe even heal. 

        I am very excited to partner with you and get to know what you and your family are looking for in a vacation. I am as hands off and as hands on as you me to be, available to you 24/7. If I don’t have the answer I have the resources to dig them up for you so you can sit back and relax. Turn on those Disney movies, pop the popcorn, and start building those good memories before your vacation even begins! Can’t wait to meet you!

Allison Woodward


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