Mickey wanted a picture of my toes!


I met Mickey Mouse in Toontown at Disneyland
and he loved my finger and toe nail polish SO much,
he wanted a picture!

So, picture it: my oldest daugter, Audry and I have been in line a while to meet Mickey Mouse. Okay, a long while. Much longer than was posted for the line. We're getting a bit cranky, but still having fun. There are cartoons keeping us entertained, after all. I had the bright idea to show Mickey my finger and toe nails that I had pained, especially for our first trip to Disneyland, to look like Minnie and Mickey Mouse. Audry thought that was a great idea!

​Our turn finally arrived. We enter the cutest little room which is modeled after a colorful cartoon movie set where Mickey is, you guessed it, the star! He welcomed us over and after we greeted each other, I showed him my finger nail polish. He really liked it since it was modeled mostly after Minnie Mouse. Then I showed him my toe nails which were painted to look like him.

​He then began pointing downward. I wasn't sure what he meant? The fun photopass cast member finally got it. She asked him if he wanted to take a picture with everyone's toes? He emphatically shook his head yes! It was such a fun moment and made my day! It also made our wait totally worth it and no big deal. Tell me your favorite character interaction in the comments!

Contributed by 3D Travel Agent, Joni Nilson

Joni lives in Texas with her husband and 4 kids. 
She loves traveling and planning amazing vacations for her clients. 
She loves food, was recently diagnosed gluten free, and is determined to find the best gluten free food out there!
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