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Harrison, AR
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Hello, my name is Amanda, and I am from a small town in North Central Arkansas.  I am currently living up the single life with two of my sisters.  We are major foodies and love to geek out!   This has led to some new adventures when going to new places.  Traveling has always been important to me.  I love getting away and making new experiences. 

Growing up in a small town meant we had to travel to go somewhere interesting.  Arkansas is known as the “Natural State” and offers many chances of adventures in the wild.  I also live just an hour south of a major theme park.  When younger, the park offered a world festival that my grandma would take me and my sisters to.  She was big on watching the cultural performances and trying exotic food from each country represented.  My grandma never met a stranger and love to converse with others to learn more about them and their stories.  This initiated a passion for travel and culture in me at a young age.  Since then, I have had many opportunities to scour the eastern region of the country via road trips with friends, family, and school.

But the trip that pushed me to joining the travel industry was my first sisters’ trip to Disney.  My sisters and I had not taken a real vacation from our job in years and decided that Disney was doable.  I was then introduced to 3D Travel Company and worked with one of the travel agents in making our Disney trip as magical as possible. That year I had also been diagnosed with alopecia and was nervous about going.  But the travel agent we used, who we now consider our “Disney mom” was there every step of the way.  She was even with us when our trip was threatened by a hurricane.  Upon our return, I fell in love with the trip planning process and the research and care that goes into it.  I knew then that I wanted to work with a company that produces and believes in agents that treat clients like family and friends.  Traveling is my way of escaping the everyday norm and getting to create new stories.  I have gained new relationships, confidence in who I am, and joy in an otherwise dim world.

I am excited at the opportunity to bring those experience to others with 3D Travel Company.