We dive deep into why we travel to celebrate life, to rejoice, to bond, to build, to heal.
Episode 110: Discovering Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge is unlike any other Disney resort. Once you arrive, you will feel as though you have just stepped into Africa and your own personal safari experience.

Episode 109: Antigua Antics

From island yacht hopping to the Dirty Banana, our 20-something team member pops into the studio to tell us about her eye-opening trip to Antigua.

Episode 108: Travel Tips for Cruise Ships

For our three hosts, ocean cruising isn't a sometimes thing - It's a lifestyle! What are their best cruise tips?

Episode 107: Travel Tips for Land Trips

For our three hosts, world travel isn't a sometimes thing - it's a lifestyle! What are their best travel tips?

Episode 106: The Beauty and Intrigue of Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and it's no surprise after you understand the history of this amazing city.

Episode 105: Circling the Island of Barbados with Wendy and Sandy

Both Wendy and Sandy recently returned from separate trips to Barbados and brought back all the fun, interesting foods, and local hotspot info.

Episode 104: 3D TravelCast Blast from the Past - Genie+

Our most popular episode in our Top 5 countdown is all about Genie+ along with an update of this service.

Episode 103: 3D TravelCast Blast from the Past - Meet the Cast!

In our Top 5 countdown, #2 comes from the very beginning - it's our very first episode: "Meet the Cast!"

Episode 102: 3D TravelCast Blast from the Past - Working for 3D!

Our #3 episode in our Top 5 countdown answers the question, "What is it really like working for 3D Travel?" The TRUTH!

Episode 101: 3D TravelCast Blast from the Past - Other Travel Agencies

Reaching #4 in our Top 5 countdown... we're back to remind ourselves how this whole travel agency thing works.

Episode 100: 3D TravelCast Blast from the Past - Hope and Healing

In celebration of reaching 100 episodes, we're counting down the Top 5 episodes from our first two years! In at #5 is "Hope and Healing - the Heart of 3D Travel."

Episode 99: Food Flicks in New York City

What do frozen hot chocolate, seltzer water, matzo balls, and pastrami have in common? They're some of the best New York City bites in our favorite movies.

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