We take a deep dive into the life of Walt's wife, Lillian Disney. You'll find out why she was exactly who he needed - tough, formidable and passionate, a woman to be reckoned with!  


Our last Quick Q&A covers one of our top questions - how much do I budget for food at Walt Disney  World? 

What are reasonable expectations when you visit the Disney Magic? They always ask what you’re celebrating - so, what do you really get? CB & Wendy answer this burning and all-important question. 

CB & Wendy hop into the studio to answer another of your top questions. “What’s the perfect age for my kids to go to Disney?”

Episode 27: How Much Does it Cost to go to Walt Disney World?

CB & Wendy hop into the studio to answer one of the questions our team is asked most frequently. "Just how much does it cost to go to Walt Disney World, anyway?"


CB, Sandy & Wendy have an honest chat chat about the types of resorts and their amenities to (hopefully) help you choose the best option for your next trip. Tune in for the good, bad and UGH, too far to walk locations!


Wendy, Sandy & CB share maybe a little too much personal information as they chat about Universal Orlando Resort Hotel rooms. Screaming. Singing, Swimming or Resting - find out the best options for you and your travel companions!


Cruising is BACK! Sandy sits down with Ann Goodman and Amy Pruitt, two lucky 3D agents who recently cruised on a Royal Caribbean test cruise. Learn all about their experience, the protocols, and what it was like to cruise for the first time since COVID paused all cruising.


Join the round table chat of CB with our own Joni Nilson, Robin Thieme and Julia Schilling, as we learn the ins and outs of successfully dining gluten free at Walt Disney World. Is it really safe? We’ll tell you. 


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