We make trips happen you didn't think possible, in ways you never imagined, to create memories to last a lifetime.

We aren't just travel advisors. We are your advocates!


There are only three reasons you should ever book with any travel agency: to save Time, Money, and Emotional Energy. At 3D Travel all three are paired with more kindness, consistency, and attention to detail than any other agency in the world. Since 2005, we've set the standard for excellence in advocacy.

We advocate for your TIME

Before your trip is booked, your 3D Travel Advisor will begin researching the best options for anything from a trip of a lifetime to a weekend getaway. You will be consulted and considered every step of the way as your booking is made and planning begins. Your only job will be to dream of the day you step away from the chaos and into the fun!

We advocate for your MONEY

Commission-based jobs, like being a travel advisor, can come with a short-term mindset of immediate gratification, which is easily spotted. If an agency is bribing you with onboard credits, specific gifts in the mail, exclusive-to-them offerings, then they're playing the short game. The reality is, deep discount hunters will go to the best deal, right? Nothing wrong with that! But, you’re playing the short game. Short relationships are built on the best deal. And agencies who excel in offering those deep discounts are also working the short game. They want to get what they can from you now, and they're going to push for higher commission, higher costs for your booking and in return, they may offer you a kickback. While it's frowned on the industry, it's often legal, and if that's where the thrill begins and ends for you, we may or may not be the place to book.

We are all about long-term relationships. We don’t see our relationship with you as a single trip. We see you as a person who needs our guidance and care, and that includes advocating for your spending. We guard you against unnecessary expenditures and advise you when something is worth the investment, should you choose it. Yes, this means our commission may go down, and we may not have commission kickbacks as part of our business model as a result, but in the end, you don't spend when you don’t need to and when you do spend, we help you maximize your dollar. It’s not about being a value shopper vs. a luxury traveler. Everyone needs an advocate for their travel dollars. At 3D Travel, you have an entire team.

We advocate for your EMOTIONAL ENERGY

We all have three things that do not have an endless supply. You know about time and money, but how often do you think about emotional energy? Do you know what we’re talking about? It’s the feeling of excitement, the thrill of actually managing to be IN the moment instead of stressing about all you need to do. It's walking into a theme park or onto a cruise ship, maybe onto your balcony in a beautiful island paradise, and having the confidence you can enjoy your trip because everything has been taken care of.

Since 2020, travel has become increasingly fraught with hurdles and hang-ups. We carry the burden of information, we stay on call when you travel, and we are here for you should something go wrong. And honestly, it's rare for anything to go wrong when our clients travel. But that feeling they carry with them? Priceless.

We make trips happen you didn't think possible, in ways you never imagined, to create memories to last a lifetime.

But, how? Why are we so different?

As professional travel advisors, 3D's standards for Continuing Education are nothing short of excellence. If a team member is not fully certified to sell a destination, cruise, or dream trip, there will be no pretending and postulating. You will be cared for only by the best, most highly trained, proficient individuals. Thankfully, we are a team who also cares for each other, we’ve been doing this since 2005, and we grow authentically.

At 3D Travel, your advisor has fully certified through our agency-licensed, fully immersive training before they ever begin the conversation. We offer Theme Park, Cruise, Luxury, and Adventure travel training every team member is required to complete prior to quoting or booking a destination. This is, sadly, not an industry norm. The bar to enter the travel industry is too low. The standards are non-existent. We are riddled with MLMs, hobbyists, and turnkey card mills allowing anyone who can breathe to pay a fee and book travel immediately, often in return for an un-earned discount. You're just a google away from being an unreputable advisor, should you wish. These host agencies will play the odds, making themselves the bulk-bargain, discount warehouse of travel, which only works out well if people don’t sue them for their loss of time, money, and emotional energy. We are not a warehouse store. We are not an MLM. We are not a mommy, boss-babe, sprung out of fandom, agency. We are professionals. We are professionals who care, who operate as a team, who live by relationship. We are here when you need us.