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Travel Specialist
Waring, TX
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Central Florida Specialist

Central Florida Specialist

Central Florida Specialists have extensive knowledge about Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, Sea World, Disney Cruise Line, and Legoland, just to name a few! Amy has completed specialized training created by 3D Travel Company and intense vendor training culminating in a minimum of 80 hours of training. She loves all things Disney, Universal, and Florida! Amy visits frequently and is committed to knowing all the details that make a Walt Disney World or Universal Studios vacation amazing.

Central Florida Specialist

Hello fellow travelers! My love for travel started when I was little traveling back and forth from my home in Nashville, TN living with my mom to Miami, FL to visit my dad in the summers. As I grew up and got married, that love continued as I traveled around the country with my husband exploring new places. Once I had kids, that love didn’t stop and I dragged them along with me exploring 30 states along with old and new state capitals, local oddities and food. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to London, all over the Czech Republic and Vienna with my husband in his travels and I can’t get enough.

When my children were little, we started visiting Walt Disney World® yearly as well as other theme parks around the country. In 2009, I had my first taste of Universal Orlando theme parks and I was hooked! As a family, we took our first cruise on Disney Cruise Line in 2007 and a new love had been found! We have sailed on Disney Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and will have many more adventures in the coming years. There is nothing like the feeling of sailing out in the vast ocean feeling the wind at your face and the smell of the salty air. Being able to visit so many different destinations, meet the local people and tour their country is amazing. To see the talents of the local people, visit their homeland and appreciate something different from what I am used to fills me up. When I really want to be pampered, an all-inclusive resort does the trick!

Over the years, I have watched these theme parks and cruise lines grow and change. It has been an amazing part of my job as a travel agent with 3D Travel Company. Being able to be part of families’ lasting memories having the times of their lives gives me a feeling like no other. In the time that I have been a travel agent, I have followed my original families in their travels to Walt Disney World and have now moved into their children’s’ new adult lives of getting married and having children and helping THEM start their travels all over the world. We’ve all come a long way and I look forward exploring all new adventures with them for years to come. Where do YOU want to go?

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