Theme Park Specialist

Theme Park Specialist

Theme Park Specialists have extensive knowledge about Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, Disneyland, Sea World, Disney Cruise Line, and Legoland, just to name a few! Carol-Beth has completed specialized training created by 3D Travel Company and intense vendor training culminating in a minimum of 80 hours of training. She loves all things related to theme parks! Carol-Beth visits frequently and is committed to knowing all the details that make a family vacation amazing.

Theme Park Specialist
Cruise Specialist

Cruise Specialist

Cruise Specialists are highly knowledgeable in all areas of cruising including training for specific cruise lines such as Princess Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, and Disney Cruise Line. Carol-Beth has completed specialized training created by 3D Travel Company spending a minimum of 120 hours in training before earning this badge. She has a special love for all things cruising. 3D Travel encourages all of our agents to continue their education by experiencing the open seas with each cruise line in which they specialize - bringing back firsthand knowledge and experience to create exceptional vacations for their clients.

Cruise Line Specialist
Luxury & Adventure Specialist

Luxury & Adventure Specialist

Luxury & Adventure Specialists are connoisseurs of travel around the globe and the best adventures imaginable. Carol-Beth has extensive destination training developed exclusively by 3D Travel Company and vendors in which she specializes. Training begins with a minimum of 80 hours but Carol-Beth spends countless hours educating herself about the destinations that her individual clients request. Ready to experience Hawaii, Ireland, Europe, Mexico, set off on an Adventures by Disney vacation or perhaps you have another destination in mind? Carol-Beth will be there for you.

Luxury & Adventure Specialist

Carol-Beth Scott

Owner & CEO
3D Travel Specialist
McKinney, TX
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To transfer your new reservation made through the Sandals or Beaches link on this page, allowing Carol-Beth to service your booking and take excellent care of you, forward the email confirmation as soon as you receive it to and copy Carol-Beth's email. We recommend you paste the following text at the top of the forwarded email before sending:

I would like to transfer the attached booking to Carol-Beth Scott of 3D Travel, IATA# 00590015.

If you do not receive your original confirmation within a week, please contact Carol-Beth so she can pursue on your behalf.

3D Travel was founded by me, Carol-Beth Scott. My original vision seemed huge at the time I founded this company in 2005, yet my fabulous team and incredible clients continue to exceed my vision and expectations year, after year. You know how women find themselves with an education, desire, drive and the ability to pursue excellence, but they don’t have a path that fits their ambition? At 3D Travel, we provide opportunity, training, support and rewards in a supportive and successful environment to help them make their dreams come true. You know how families are constantly stressed and distracted, anxious and unable to spend the time together they need to bond with one another? At 3D Travel, we provide an unsurpassed level of care and consideration to the planning process, always keeping their priorities and dreams in mind, while guarding their finances, energy and time.

In 2003, my family went through a tragedy so profound, it took all our strength to get through the day. After many months of merely surviving, we made the decision to try and choose happiness again, by planning our first family trip to Walt Disney World Resort. Our trip was nothing short of a miracle. In September of 2004, we found our laughter, began a new chapter of our healing journey and I caught a vision for a different professional future.

By the summer of 2005, I had begun to implement a plan and refine my vision. I would find other people in need and personally guide them in creating a bonding & maybe even a healing journey of their own. I began by founding The Ultimate Field Trip for Homeschool Families, and by the fall of 2005 we were off with a whimper - only a few families attended. After learning from my mistakes, I poured my efforts into making 2006 better, a goal that increased and expanded year after year, until I found myself standing at Disney MGM Studios (now Disney’s Hollywood Studios) watching over 700 excited guests of the trip I planned pour into Fantasmic! My dream had outgrown me, and I needed to change the vision before 3D Travel imploded.

In January of 2008, a few valuable clients joined me for training hosted by Walt Disney World Resort and became the next advisors working for 3D Travel. I’m proud to say, they are still a part of the company. Also joining my venture that year was Brady McCain, our new webmaster, and David Scott, who began to build our backend to process vendor payments, overhead, and all the paperwork.  David and Brady are also still a part of 3D Travel and they’ve hung on for a beautiful and amazing ride. It took all of us to make 3D Travel the success it is, now.

When I brought new agents aboard, I made the significant decision to step down from booking clients, myself. This allowed me to mentor my new agents effectively while helping them build their business one booking at a time. I continue with this decision and hold the role of visionary and leader.

By 2010, we had been an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner / Disney Earmarked Agency for a few years, and had begun to sell many trips year-round and include multiple cruise lines, all-inclusive, and other family vacations. After a particularly inspiring speech by the then-president of Walt Disney Travel Company, I announced to my few nervously loyal team members - that it was time for us to be UNComfortable, so we could grow ourselves and our business. And, we did! We began bringing other people into our tight-knit 3D Travel Family, mentoring them into success.

I was and continue to be constantly surprised when opportunities arise from first Walt Disney Travel Company, then Universal Orlando Resort, multiple cruise lines, all-inclusives and other resorts. I started this business to help others find the blessings my family had found at the Most Magical Place on Earth, and now my business had and has taken on a life of its’ own. I have attended or sent an esteemed team member to the christening of the Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas, Re-imagining of the Disney Wonder, and Disney Magic. I’ve personally experienced the excitement of the opening of Cars Land, New Fantasyland, Pandora, Toy Story Land, Rivers of LIght, the Symphony of the Seas, many new ports and journeys, spent time with industry leaders overseas with Adventures by Disney and locally, with multiple celebrations and launches. I was honored to be selected as an Earmarked Travel Advisory Council Member with Walt Disney Travel Company and as a continuing invitee for training and marketing programs on both coasts and with Universal Orlando Resort.

Since we chose to expand our team, we’ve gone through multiple generations of members, some rounds of our team more successful than others, as we’ve refined our path to success. Then, in 2015, I was inspired to make another change, and built our own in-house training program for four full certification levels and leaders, along with a complete Travel Industry Sales & Marketing Video course, created and facilitated by me.

As I write this, we are rapidly growing. We book many millions of dollars of travel a year and I have more travel opportunities than I can physically take each and every month of the year. Our vision continues to expand, but our values and priorities never will.

As amazing as all of this is, it pales in comparison to the original and expanding vision I had and continue to have for our company and our team. I am proud to help women with desire, drive, and the ability to pursue excellence find a path for their ambition. I am proud of the existing team that stands alongside me, as we provide opportunity, training, support, and rewards in a supportive and successful environment to help them make their dreams come true. I am proud we help families who are constantly stressed and distracted, anxious, and unable to spend the time needed to bond with their families. I am proud we can be the ones to provide an unsurpassed level of care and consideration to their vacation planning process, always keeping their priorities and dreams in mind, while guarding their finances, energy, and time. I am proud we have so many happy clients, served by a happy and wonderful team. I am proud to be the founder, visionary, and leader of 3D Travel.