Theme Park Specialist

Theme Park Specialist

Theme Park Specialists have extensive knowledge about Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, Disneyland, Sea World, Disney Cruise Line, and Legoland, just to name a few! Edie has completed specialized training created by 3D Travel Company and intense vendor training culminating in a minimum of 80 hours of training. She loves all things related to theme parks! Edie visits frequently and is committed to knowing all the details that make a family vacation amazing.

Theme Park Specialist

Edie Miller

3D Travel Specialist
San Antonio, TX

To transfer your new reservation made through the Sandals or Beaches link on this page, allowing Edie to service your booking and take excellent care of you, forward the email confirmation as soon as you receive it to and copy Edie's email. We recommend you paste the following text at the top of the forwarded email before sending:

I would like to transfer the attached booking to Edie Miller of 3D Travel, IATA# 00590015.

If you do not receive your original confirmation within a week, please contact Edie so she can pursue on your behalf.

My name is Edie Miller. I have been married to my husband for over 20 years and have two amazing young adult children. My love for Disney World began in 1987 when my aunt and uncle took me to Disney World for my high school graduation. This was in the day before Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom were even open! I returned a couple of years later with my parents after Hollywood Studios opened, and I discovered I loved this place even more. In the 90’s, I took a couple of trips to Disneyland before California Adventure opened. So, I guess you can say that I have witnessed much of the amazing progress of Disney firsthand! My love and passion for Disney multiplied, however, when we took our first family trip with our own babies (ages one and two) to Disneyland in 2003. It was truly a magical trip from stepping onto Main Street, meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time, and holding hands with my son as he skipped along singing Zippity Doo Dah. It was as if we left the cares and worries of this world for a brief moment and connected as a young family in a much-needed way!

We discovered 3D Travel in 2006 at our homeschool coop where someone in passing ask if we had heard of some homeschooling family who was leading a field trip to Disney World. That sounded too good to be true. So, I looked them up and booked the trip! We have been to Disney over a dozen times with our family since then, and it gets better with every trip. I have chosen to become part of this 3D family for two reasons. One, I believe that Walt Disney achieved what he set out to do. To give us an amazing adventure allowing us to escape our busy daily lives for a while and play together as family and friends creating unforgettable memories. My family has experienced this time and time again. It’s why we always go back! For a moment in time, our crazy, busy world slows down, and we focus and reconnect, and we laugh a lot. I want to help other families experience this joy. Two, I chose 3D because since 2006, we have watched their story of victory unfold, seen their character, and watched this company’s wild growth. Integrity matters to me and is at the heart of this company.

My desire is to help families, your family, come together and experience magical vacations.

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