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The Top 10 Toddler Activities at Disneyland


Since July 17th, 1955, Disneyland has wowed guests from all around the world.  The original Disney park, this Southern California destination is filled with nostalgia for many guests.  When Dakota and I had the chance to take the kids, we immediately started planning what we would do with them.  We had lots of laughs, and enjoyed every minute of our trip.  But the kids definitely had their favorite activities.  So this is our list of the top 10 activities for toddlers at Disneyland!

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The Top 10 Toddler Activities at Epcot


Epcot has a reputation of being an "adult" park.  Many people seem to think there isn't much for little ones to do.  But in actuality, there are many different activities for toddlers to partake in.  And my favorite part about our Epcot trips is all of the educational opportunities for the whole family.   After all, Epcot stands for "Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow".  So in no particular order, here are my family's top 10 picks for toddlers at Epcot!

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The Top 10 Toddler Activities at Animal Kingdom


​Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World is a great park for Toddlers.  Not only does it have multiple activities for them to enjoy, there are also many opportunities for them to learn about different animals.  My family enjoys Animal Kingdom in particular because there are so many ways to entertain the kids while my husband and I utilize the rider swap. So in no particular order, here are my family's top 10 picks for toddlers at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

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The Top 10 Toddler Activities at Magic Kingdom


​Let's be honest for a minute; Magic Kingdom is the perfect park for toddlers.  Aside from a few select rides, there's not much they can't do.  It's the perfect place for toddlers to experience the magic of Disney, and for adults to find their inner child again.  So in no particular order, these are my family's top 10 activities for little ones at the Magic Kingdom.

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Top 10 Tips For Visiting Disney Parks While You're Pregnant!


Going to Walt Disney World can be an amazing experience, but when you're expecting a new baby going on a Disney vacation can become an overwhelming process.  I was lucky enough to take three trips to Walt Disney World during two pregnancies (four if you count my trip the week before I discovered I was pregnant with my daughter Kat!)  These trips have some of my favorite memories, but they were definitely learning experiences. These are the tricks I learned to make a pregnant Disney trip as much fun as possible.

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