Why YOU Should Get Married OR Renew Your Vows at a Sandals Resort
Imagine booking a stay in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Your transportation to and from the airport is included. All your food AND all your drinks are included. Even all the gratuity is included. And if that’s not enough, as long as you stay 3 or more nights, your wedding - your actual WEDDING is included!

The Price

Before I knew the truth, I honestly thought this would be a bait and switch situation, especially as soon as I heard the word “upgrade.” It wasn’t until I was touring Sandals South Coast for the first time that I realized I thought wrong. I walked out to one of the beautiful over-the-water bungalows with glass-floor aisles over a turquoise ocean. This is where you can have easily one of the most beautiful wedding locations in the world, I thought. It has to be expensive. So, I asked how much that over-the-top upgrade would be, and with the answer, the truth sank in. The price for that premium upgrade was hundreds of dollars. Not thousands. Hundreds. This took me on a journey of discovery, constantly asking “How much is that?” or “Is that included?” and because I have a daughter who is not yet married but in a serious relationship, I was doing the mental math like it was my job description during the whole tour. It took me no time to realize one of the most beautiful venues in the world was actually one of the most cost-effective. I’ve been trying to talk her into it ever since!

And not only is the pricing affordable, but you can also actually earn upgrades simply by bringing more guests to the wedding! Your upgrade budget correlates with your guest count. Bring your friends and your family, and their stay will help you earn more fun! Now, I do want to say there’s a way to get this wrong and not get credit, so please lean heavily on your 3D Travel Advisor to guide you through the process.

The Inclusions

Every Sandals Wedding Includes:

  • A personal wedding planning team you can meet with before you get there and you WILL meet with after you get arrive. 
  • Preparation of marriage documents. They’ll guide you through each step. 
  • A picturesque wedding location. Many complementary and beautiful locations are included. Upgrades are optional. 
  • White Chiavari Chairs and White Cusions. These look gorgeous against the backdrop of Sandal and the Sea, but you can choose to get colorful decor for a small fee. 
  • Music
  • 1-hour Cocktail reception with premium liquor and hors d’oeuvres
  • Your signature cocktail is specially made for you. So much fun!
  • A discount on spa services
  • A gift registry
  • A single photo - now, this is something you’ll want to pay to upgrade!
  • Romantic turn-down service on your wedding night. Do I spy rose petals? I do!
  • Honeymoon mimosa with breakfast in bed and fresh flowers
  • And a Honeymoon dinner in a specialty restaurant with sparkling wine
The Test Drive

You can bring your fiancee or your best friend for a Test Drive at your wedding location for only $250 a night, and you can even get that amount applied to your wedding! Visit the venue, see the place settings, and try the food. Dream of your future and have fun, and if it works out the way you want it to - that first visit becomes free!

The Locations

I’m just going to leave you a few photos and tell you I’ve been there. I’ve seen it. These photos are accurate. The romance is real. The value is incredible. Your memories will be perfect. All that’s left now is to dream. Let’s start planning!