We told Beth what we were looking for in way of a cruise (dates, budget, destination) and she quickly got back with us on 3 cruises that met the criteria. She also let us know she could send more if none of these worked for us. We ended up deciding on one of the first 3. There was great communication from the time of the booking until we boarded the ship. She let us know what to expect, and a timeline of when we should be seeing the different paperwork as it came through. Since we were leaving out of San Juan, PR we decided to arrive on Friday for our Sunday cruise so we would have time to explore the city. Beth helped us find a hotel for the 2 nights we were there, and it ended up being perfect for our needs. She also sent a couple links for shuttles from the airport to our hotel so it was one less thing we needed to research on our own. All in all it was a great experience that was made easier due to all the work Beth did on our behalf.

- Dave Plitt
Caribbean (March 2023)

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