Family Travel

  • Episode 84: Quick Q&A - Is An All-Inclusive Within My Budget?

    Time for a 3D TravelCast Quick Q&A! Sandy and Wendy help you decide if an all-inclusive resort is in your budget.

  • Episode 74: Coping with Toddler Tantrums

    Taking toddlers on trips without too many tantrums - can we do it? Yes, we can! Yes, YOU can! We'll show you how with our guest, Joy Oufnac.

  • A Making-Memories Lifestyle

    Summer is winding down to a close. School is starting. Routines are returning to normal. Maybe you are suffering from the post-summer, post-vacation blues. I don't know about you, but sometimes I wish I could live my life on vacation! 

  • Roadtrip Adventures

    We are a roadtripping family!  So far this summer, we have traveled over 4,000 miles on our adventures, and we still have over 2,000 miles of driving planned.  A successful roadtrip does not happen without proper planning!