Virgin Voyages - Let's Talk About Cabins!

From mood settings to hammocks on your terrace, Virgin has unique cabins for every Sailor aboard!

This is part two of a four-part series about Virgin Voyages.
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Part Two: Virgin Voyages - Let's Talk About Cabins!
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From great and good to bad and terrifying, we’re reviewing all things Virgin.

We just stepped off the ship, where we had a Sea Terrace room with a hammock. Looking from the outside and from our frequent forays down the halls, it felt like everyone had a terrace and in my opinion, everyone should! You can do an inside or an Oceanview, but unless you just can’t do it any other way, there is no cruise ship where I wouldn’t tell you it’s worth the upgrade to get that verandah or balcony or in the case of a Virgin Voyage, a “Sea Terrace” so you can step out and breathe the ocean air. On Virgin, you can enjoy the gentle rocking of the sea by gently rocking in your hammock. How cool is that?

One of the selling points early on in Virgin advertising Voyages was the ability to turn your bed into a couch during the day, something we never seemed to want to do. We could have asked our cabin attendant to do it at any time, but we liked the room the way it was. There was additional seating on our terrace and inside our room - a casual chair and an ottoman/stool near the desk.

A cooler thing about a Virgin cabin is the pad with controls. It’s definitely something I love to see popping up here and there when I book - Aventura at Universal Orlando was one of the first with accessible pricing - and they take it up a notch on a Virgin Voyage. The terrace curtains open and close not just when you press your pad or the button in your room, they also change according to the *mood* you choose.

"Let’s Get It On" closes the curtains, plays a quick snippet of mood music, and turns the room pink. You can choose from Pumped Up, Hangover, and more. I won’t spoil it for you, because it really is a ton of fun to try them all out for yourself. From the pad, you can also choose movies, television series, and a few channels including news and sports. You control all the lighting and the temperature, can order ice and other amenities and in general, just live life from your bed if you wanted to.

Our bathroom shower was great with a rainfall shower and handheld sprayer with actual pressure. The shower was plenty large, the toilet was a standard cruise ship toilet and the sink was accommodating.

Virgin Voyages are all about health and wellness and one of the ways they advance this vision is to leave a carafe of fresh, still water in your room every day, along with a filled ice bucket. As I type this from another cruise ship, I’m quickly realizing how much I enjoyed the quiet appearance every day of both items, without fail.

The Scarlet Lady is a smaller ship with ease of movement from one end to the other and deck to deck, combined with the amenities of a much larger ship. I honestly can’t imagine there is a bad location for a cabin aboard the ship.

No article about a ship can be complete without a quick review of service from the cabin attendant, and we have never had better service than when we sailed with Virgin. We saw her frequently. The first time we ran across each other, luggage was headed to our cabin and I wanted to verify my mattress topper had been delivered. As soon as she found out what I was doing, she insisted on helping, popping in to help me place my orthopedic mattress topper under layers of sheets and blankets, even leaving extra sheets for me when she found out I’m hot-natured. The whole time we chatted and I learned about both her and the cabin I was standing in. She came back multiple times a day, leaving water and ice, cleaning and caring as she went. All of this and her gratuity is already included. Perhaps that’s why she was so relaxed?