Adventure is Out There
I love vacation!  I love new adventures!  There is nothing like the memories that are made when we detach ourselves from the daily grind and spend quality time, adventuring, with our loved ones.  Unfortunately, life cannot be lived on vacation.  Life is lived in the day-to-day.  So, the challenge becomes how to find adventure in the everyday.

We try very hard to eat dinner as a family, around the table, most nights of the week.  A few years ago, we started a tradition of sharing one thing from the day that made us happy and one thing from the day that made us sad.  My kids call this ritual, "Favorite Things," and it is one of their favorite things to do every night.

A few weeks ago, we had one of those "adventurous" days that are not so much fun.  In the middle of running more errands than I really had time for, my car overheated.  At lunchtime.  With all four hungry kids in the backseat.  Nearly an hour away from where Jonathan was at work.  This was not the adventure I had planned for this day!
Thankfully, Jonathan was able to leave work to pick us up.  I was able to call AAA to tow the car to the dealer.  And, the car had overheated in a parking lot with a McDonald's, so, not only did they not starve, my kids got to have a rare treat for lunch that day!

I did not accomplish all of my errands that day, but, that night, during our "Favorite Things" routine, I learned an important lesson, one that I hope I don't soon forget: We get to choose whether our life is full of adventure or overcome by frustration.

Each one of my children said their favorite thing from the day was that our car was towed.  In their minds, the broken-down car was not an inconvenience; it was an adventure. 

Dad left work early and spent the afternoon with us.  They had McDonald's chicken nuggets and french fries for lunch.  We had fun, together, all of us!  

The only thing we need for a fun, memorable adventure is to be together!
Since that day, I have tried to focus on the adventures we can find and create in our everyday lives.  How can we find adventure in some of our ordinary activities?

Jonathan and I love to take family walks and hikes in a local park.  Our kids have a love-hate relationship with them.  They love the idea of them, but, sometimes, we venture farther than their little legs really want to go.

Recently, we decided to add an engaging and unique activity to our hikes: Geocaching.  This has transformed our hikes into adventures where we have to solve riddles and puzzles, search under branches and rocks, look high in the trees to find hidden turtles, and even unlock DaVinci-style coded locks!

We have hiked for miles without a single complaint, just searching for the next cache, and they can't wait to go again!
Each day, I get to choose whether life's little hiccups bring fun or frustration.  I have the power to create memory-making moments for my family each and every day.  And so do you!  Let's choose to find the adventure in our everyday lives!

My name is Joy Oufnac, and I love helping my clients make their travel dreams come true!  To find out more about me and my adventures, head over to my Agent Page.  I would love to hear from you about your travel dreams!