The Magic of Travel
I believe in the magic of travel to heal, to transform, to inspire, and to change lives and families.  Through travel, the outside world becomes real in a way that can never happen in your own living room.  Through travel, families connect with one in ways that can never be accomplished in the hustle and bustle of daily life.  Through travel, hearts and relationships are healed and restored as we step away from the routine and the mundane.  We begin to see the simple joys in life.  Our eyes are opened to the beauty around us.  We experience the joy of discovery with those we love most--and each journey changes us.

Recently, we spent several days in our hometown of Luling, LA.  This is a trip we make multiple times a year.  For me, it feels like going home.  Home to the house I grew up in.  Home to the neighborhood where I met my husband.  Home to the people I know and love.

We spent days just being together-with our loved ones.  Our days consisted of leisurely morning walks, cousin fun in the backyard, late night chats.  Nothing exceptional, yet exceptionally wonderful.
You would think that such a familiar trip would not have the same impact as a trip to a new and exciting and destination.  Yet, that is where the magic of travel steps in and takes over.  You see, each trip is a new journey, and our most recent trip home truly was magical for me.

Togetherness-The Real Magic

The real magic of travel is togetherness.  When we leave our day-to-day lives, we are able to really see the people around us-to pay close attention to those we love.  

Yes, on our latest travel adventure, we didn't visit any new or exciting destinations.  But, I slowed down and spent time with my kiddos, my nieces, my mom, my sister, my grandparents.  And it was magical!

We went strawberry picking and had fun playing in the fields.  We went for a walk on the levee, and we talked about the flood patterns of the Mississippi River.  We enjoyed English-style Afternoon Tea and laughed together.  My youngest got to taste a real Rainbow Snowball-just like in his favorite book!

Why do I love to travel?  It's simple.  With each new adventure, I fall in love with my life and my loved ones all over again!
My name is Joy Oufnac, and I love helping my clients make their travel dreams come true!  To find out more about me and my adventures, head over to my Agent Page.  I would love to hear from you about your travel dreams!