For my 40th Birthday and our 15th Anniversary my husband and I wanted to do something relaxing and fun for just the two of us. We decided on a Caribbean Cruise. After that one decision, we hardly had to do anything more! Sandy took the reins and planned and arranged all the particulars (the stuff that can be not so fun when planning a vacation) - the payment, trip insurance, passport questions, etc. Also, she also gave us fabulous first hand advice regarding which excursions to take and that were worth our money. Sandy thought of our concerns before we even knew to be concerned about them! She took care of every detail so that we could just get on the boat and go. We had a wonderful vacation, our first time leaving our children for a whole week. Being a mother herself, Sandy was understanding and also genuinely enthusiastic for us. My husband and I felt like we were personally taken care of and absolutely trusted Sandy's guidance. And now, she is currently helping us plan our next trip - Disney with our children! Thank you, Sandy!

- Christi Miranda Burns
Caribbean Cruise


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