My dad wanted to take my daughter and nephew to Disney World last summer, but didn't know where to start. He took me and my siblings when we were kids, but back then there was just WDW and Epcot. I told him that nowadays, it was a lot more complicated, so I directed him to my "friend" Sandy. I have actually never met Sandy, but she is one of my "internet friends" in a moms group on FB. My dad was a bit leary at first, but once he started working with Sandy, he was very appreciative of her help. She was so helpful with my 72 yr old dad. She explained everything to him, and was always finding him more discounts for the trip ( I was able to tag along too). I am planning another trip this fall with just me and my daughter and I am so happy to have Sandy help us once again. I trust that she will get us the best deals possible. She is always responsive in a very timely manner, and I know she has our best interest in mind when recommending things. I can't wait for our 'surprise' trip this September! Thank you Sandy for helping me plan the best - and first by ourselves - vacation for me and my kiddo!

- Kristan Jirak
Walt Disney World


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