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My 1st Trip to Disneyland!

Oh my! To actually walk where Walt was the thrill of a lifetime.

My husband was on a 6 month work trip in California. We decided to join him for a long weekend and visit the parks while we were there. I was with my middle son, Tim and my daughter, Rachael. 

When my husband called and said to come out to join him and we'll go...absolutely NO hesitation! We were on the plane and on our way to the Happiest Place on Earth! I was especially looking forward to experiencing it's a small world...the "original" from the 1964 NY World's Fair where my love for Disney began.

As soon as we got close, I felt it. Disney Magic! Seeing the signs to the parks knowing this was where the magic started was exciting! There are no words to describe walking through the turnstiles at Disneyland Park and seeing so many characters welcoming guests

Yes, there were tears! Emotional, exciting, transforming, ecstatic, MAGICAL I never thought I'd make it out to California to see these parks.

I'll never forget the music or the memories, but what stands out the most was the chance to actually walk where Walt was the thrill of a lifetime & riding it's a small world after so many years...I was 10 years old again. 

What first will you experience in 2018?

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