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#My3DTravel1st Character Experience!

I was 18 when Goofy charmed his way into my cheerleader's heart!

In February 1998, I visited Walt Disney World with my fellow cheerleaders & who did I see? My all time FAVORITE character, Goofy! As if he stepped out of a cartoon, brightly colored and so very TALL, I was thrilled to see he was exactly what I'd pictured.

From the smell of bacon to the background music of popular film soundtracks, I was completely excited about every little detail of my first character meeting. But, it really didn't start there. You see, the thrill began before I saw the Goof. As a lifelong Disney fan, it didn't take much for me to cheer about as I started my first visit to the Most Magical Place on Earth! Even the purple road signs I noticed all over Walt Disney World resort were enough to make me happy. Life was even better when that same day, we visited Magic Kingdom and checked out Disney's All Star Sports, where our team was staying. 

And, then....


On day number two of my very first trip to Walt Disney World, we had a special breakfast buffet at Planet Hollywood in Downtown Disney!

t was great fun seeing all the movie memorabilia, but imagine my surprise when my favorite character showed up for breakfast! I could NOT contain my excitement when he asked me for a dance! I'll always remember the fun, silliness, and lightheartedness of the moment. It was exactly what I'd always dreamed getting to meet and interact with one of the characters I remembered from early childhood. I remember how I couldn't wait to go back again and again and how I came home from that trip only to plan my senior trip there just 3 months later!

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