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Showcase + Fun Facts about Toy Story Land coming to Walt Disney World Resort this June!

​What happens when Walt Disney Travel Company gets hundreds of agents together in cities around the United States, to learn all about the latest and greatest land coming soon? We find out the fun stuff to help YOU, our favorite people, experience the trip of a lifetime!

​3D Travel team members are learning all about Toy Story Land in multiple cities, and it's definitely a good time. We visit with Woody & Buzz, get bossed around by a few green army men and of course, we eat some great food. (Disney = yum!)

But the best part is learning about this new land, so we can share it with all of you! For example, we found out the height restrictions are incredibly low (30 & 36") - so chances are, your littles will be big enough to ride on that adorable Slinky Dog coaster, after all!

And what do YOU think? Are you ready to be an Honorary Toy & play alongside Mr. Potato Head, Etch-a-Sketch & Bo Peep?

When you're ready for us to book your trip, you'll be greeted by a 20 foot tall adorable Woody, and when you enter the land you'll find out that Andy has made a playful mess of fantasy-fun, and you get to be part of the play!

Personally, I'm excited about seeing Weezy, the squeeze toy, and so many more characters I feel attached to, from Toy Story I, Toy Story II and Toy Story III. Did you know Toy Story 4 is coming soon? I can't imagine it will make any of us cry harder than #3, can you?

Once I returned home from my showcase visit, I learned even more fun facts & they're here in video form to share with you! This is just the beginning of the fun!

Check out our video of FUN FACTS about Toy Story Land!  

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