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The Ultimate Disney Parks Packing List for Babies and Toddlers!

You've booked your vacation, and you've planned out dining reservations.  Your family's getting super excited about this upcoming trip.  Now comes the biggest question of all... What do you pack?  If you're traveling with little ones, this can be a hard list to come up with for the simple fact that you don't know exactly what they will need.  Luckily for you, my family has tested and retested our little ones packing lists until we came up with the perfect list.  And now we want to share it with you!

Kat was ready to spend her first Fourth of July at Walt Disney world!

​A little trick I discovered is to use gallon size zip-lock bags to organize Kat and Scott's clothing.  I mark each bag with the date I plan for them to wear that particular outfit.  Each bag will contain everything needed for that day, including socks and underwear so that whether it's me or my husband Dakota dressing the kids, everything is already matched up and we can get them ready quickly and efficiently.  This also saves space in your luggage.

For spare outfits, base this on how many days you will be on vacation.  We do 1 spare for every 2 days of vacation.  However, when Scott was an infant he had bad re-flux, so we packed a spare for each day just in case.  We use this same rule for pajamas.

-1 outfit per day

-3-6 spare outfits 

-1-2 pairs of comfy shoes (for walking children)

-1-2 swimsuits


-hat (if they will wear one)

-light sweater for chilly nights

-cold weather gear (jacket, hat and gloves for winter months)

Scott loves his cooling rag on hot days!

​What you will need for meal times entirely on your child's age and what they use at home.

When the kids were a baby, we would bring 4 bottles. This way we could take two with the water ready to take to the park, and have two clean in the room.  Now that they use sippy cups, we just bring 3 each kid. This way we have 2 clean and one to use for the day.  

Always bring enough food and snacks for your trip.  The gift shops at the resorts and the baby care centers at the park will carry some baby food, but it will be much more convenient to bring your own or have it delivered to you at your resort.  We still bring things like goldfish, cheerios and baby food pouches for the kids to eat during breaks or while we are waiting in line.  This way we don't have to buy a snack every time they are hungry.

-bottles and/or sippy cups


-burp cloths (1-2 per day of stay)

-eating utensils

-small bowl (if needed for rice cereal or something similar) 

-bottle warmer (if use one at home)

-Baby Food/Snacks

-formula (If used)

-formula dispenser

nursing cover (if used)

​You won't want to forget any of these items!

Scott was all smiles!



-rash cream

-swim diapers

-changing pads 

Everything you would need for bath time at home should be brought with you on your vacation.  We like to use a baby shampoo that also doubles as a body wash to cut down on space.   

Any medications you use at home, whether it be a prescription, allergy relief or infant Tylenol for teething, should also be brought on vacation.  While some over the counter medications can be bought at your resort or in the baby care centers at the parks, it is better to have these things on hand and ready if they are needed.


-baby toothpaste

-baby shampoo

-baby body wash

-baby sunscreen

-hair brush

-hair bows and accessories 

-any medications

Having a good stroller is key when traveling with your little ones.  However, rain can make for a soggy seat that no little one will want to sit in.  We use stroller covers to alleviate this.  It helps keep our little ones dry-especially at Walt Disney World where it can rain at any time.  When it rains you just lower the flap, zip up the sides and continue with your day.

It's also a good idea to bring 2-3 toys from home.  This way you have something to keep them busy at the room as well as a cuddle buddy when their strollers.

A good is also important.  Personally, we like to use a sturdy backpack.  This way we can place not only the necessary baby items in it but there's also room for what my husband and I might need in the bag as well.  This also helps condense the number of bags you have to carry.


-stroller cover

-stroller fan

-a couple toys from home

-pacifiers (bring extras!)

-pacifier clip

-baby carrier or wrap

-1-2 blankets

-sturdy bag or backpack

-cooling rags

-toddler backpack leash

Stroller covers are a lifesaver on rainy days!

 These items entirely depend on your preference and how you're family is traveling to your vacation.  It is much easier to bring a pack-and-play when you are driving.

At the the Disney resorts, you can request a pack and play for your room.  However some people are more comfortable with either bringing their own, or just bringing their own sheet.

Disney resorts also have laundry facilities.  If you want to be able to laundry while you are on vacation, then I suggest bringing some of your child's regularly used laundry detergent.  This way you can prevent any rashes or breakouts from occurring.


-pack-and-play sheet 

-baby laundry detergent

A couple small toys are great for keeping little ones happy!

​And that concludes our packing list for visiting the Disney parks with babies and toddlers!  We have found these to be the most important items on every trip we've taken.  All you have to do is not pack the items your child doesn't actually use.  We hope this list helps you with your Disney vacation as much as it has helped us!  Stay tuned for the next edition of the Toddling Travelers! 

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