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Universal's Portofino Bay Resort


Having stayed all over Orlando, I am now prepared to claim definitively that 

Portofino Bay is my favorite resort!

Since 2005 our family has visited the Orlando area at least once a year and we've been blessed to stay in nearly every resort and hotel you can think of.  But despite the fact we've also enjoyed suites and concierge level, hidden blessings and towel animals, we never truly experienced luxury until we visited Portofino Bay Hotel.

The beds at Portofino Bay are so incredibly comfortable, I've actually considered commuting from Universal to Disney for our next trip (and very nearly did!)

Unlike many theme park resorts, when you walk around Portofino Bay you feel you're still visiting another world but it's a peaceful one.  This definitely appeals to the grown-up in me, but it also appeals to my teenage children.  Getting a break from the *loud* music and people and excitement and exchanging it for soft Italian music, occasional opera singers on balconies and your favorite Starbucks on the piazza is absolutely wonderful.

Portofino is also home to the Minion rooms - a 2 room suite for families that's too cute to be believed, so I inserted a picture!  When we toured this room once, it was all I could do not to climb in one of those cute little beds.

Portofino Bay includes the Unlimited Express Pass, the pass that gives you front of the line access as often as you wish during your entire stay anywhere that the regular paid Universal Express Pass can be used.  

Finally, we have been privileged to enjoy the concierge level here at Portofino Bay.  It's actually more cost effective for our family to indulge in a concierge room, as they feed us well enough throughout the day to offset onsite dining costs.  It was one of the best concierge experiences we've had anywhere.  

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