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VIP Tours at Universal Orlando Resort


Worth every penny, the VIP Tours at Universal Orlando Resort booked by 3D Travel are worth every penny!

There are some VIP experiences in the world that are decidedly not worth it for me, no matter how low the cost.  Some are obvious - golf, for example.  (No offense, golfers!) I'm sure there are some VIP items you couldn't care less about, either. Rarely is there something I can say would be worth it for everyone I know, but an exception is the VIP tour by a Universal Orlando Resort Guide. VIP Tours at Universal are literally worth every penny, for every single person!

How does it work? From Beginning to End

  1. ​You let your 3D Travel Agent know you're interested in a VIP tour.  The prices can vary according to your visit and like everything else we do for you, the more flexibility you have in your plans the more likely we are to save you money.
  2. Once you decide on the best day for you and yours and money has been exchanged, all you'll need to do is learn your start time and anticipate.
  3. Once you're there, you'll let them know your "must-do" items and then stand back while you experience back doors, behind-the-scenes thrills and fun you never knew existed!

Are you into Halloween Horror or Christmas Celebrations?  Special experiences are held during the holidays,  so we will want to make sure & plan ahead. Once you discover the regular VIP tour, you may want to try out the RIP tour during Halloween Horror Nights, or maybe you want some immersive Grinchmas or Wizarding World of Harry Potter action. 

I've been blessed to do the tour many times now, where I've been taken UNDER roller coasters in the dark, been on the ground level of  Men In Black Headquarters, and even (gasp!) had quick access to the front of the line for every Harry Potter Attraction. Now that's money WELL spent!

We've found ​that allowing flexibility in our touring time means the VIP guides can light up and say "oh!  I have something to show you!" and then, you're off!  The picture at the top of this post was one of those moments.  As we walked into Diagon Alley, our lovely guide told us to stop and face her and she made this magical picture happen.

Sound like fun to you?  Are you ready to be treated the way you've always been hoping, in a place where you can make memories unlike any other? I'm telling you, it's worth every penny!  Ask your 3D Agent for more information today.

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