We dive deep into why we travel to celebrate life, to rejoice, to bond, to build, to heal.
Episode 86: Quick Q&A - Is Volcano Bay Worth Including In My Vacation?

Time for a 3D TravelCast Quick Q&A! Sandy and Wendy advise you on including Volcano Bay at Universal. Worth it or not?

Episode 85: Quick Q&A - How Can I Stay Safe Traveling Abroad?

Time for a 3D TravelCast Quick Q&A! Sandy and Wendy share tips for keeping yourself safe when you travel abroad.

Episode 84: Quick Q&A - Is An All-Inclusive Within My Budget?

Time for a 3D TravelCast Quick Q&A! Sandy and Wendy help you decide if an all-inclusive resort is in your budget.

Episode 83: Quick Q&A - Will I Get Seasick When I Cruise?

Time for a 3D TravelCast Quick Q&A! Sandy and Wendy share the truth about getting seasick on a cruise.

Episode 82: Quick Q&A - When Is The Best Time To Go On Vacation?

Time for a 3D TravelCast Quick Q&A! Sandy and Wendy share the best time to go on vacation for you and yours.

Episode 81: Yes, You CAN Find a Place to Thrive as a Travel Advisor and It May Not Be 3D!

Even though we fully believe we are the best Travel Agency around, it may not be the fit for you. We’re going to evaluate and compare different options today on 3D Travelcast.

Episode 80: Nice Ways to Say "No I Won't Sell You That Trip" and Why You Might Need To

Being a Travel Advisor is the best job in the world until it isn’t. When do smart TAs choose to say no and why? It's all about priorities and boundaries on today's episode of 3D Travelcast!

Episode 79: Talking Disney Into Free Travel Training and Other Stories of Backward Success

For travel advisors, the path to success can be twisted and rocky. Thankfully, we have a hard-working leader, Ann Goodman, as our guest as we talk about overcoming obstacles on our paths to backward success.

Episode 78: How to Navigate NOT Being Paid By Your Owner - and Hopefully Prevent It!

All too frequently, the travel industry is rocked by the revelation yet another owner has failed to pay their independent contractors, and after months of work, they aren't being paid their portion of the commission owed. It's frequent enough to be no longer shocking, but there are ways to survive the suffering and learn enough to prevent it from happening again - or for the first time!

Episode 77: Why Surviving COVID Was Tough As A Travel Advisor But Absolutely Worth It

Of all the industries suffering through the lockdown and rebuilding after the pandemic of 2020, the travel industry was hit first, hit hardest, and suffered the longest. What was it really like to be a part of the pain? And how has that pain become purposeful for the team at 3D Travel?

Episode 76: Live From Walt Disney World

Live from the night of the recent tornados at Walt Disney World, Carol Beth and Sandy share the good, the great, and the awesome about their fellow 3D Team members who shared space at Universal and Disney this September.

Episode 75: Traveling With Diabetes

Type-one diabetes and travel CAN mix! We find out how to make the best of your travels by planning and making good choices with our guest, Christy Bryant.

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