We dive deep into why we travel to celebrate life, to rejoice, to bond, to build, to heal.
Episode 17: The TRUTH About Travel Agencies

How does this whole travel agency thing work? And how do you know if you're working with a reputable company? We show you where and how to find true travel experts on this week's episode of 3D Travelcast.

Episode 16: No, You Really DON'T Deserve Your Vacation!

Entitled much? We all are. And after all we've been through in this last year, we probably think we have a right to be. But it's only sucking the joy out of our vacations. How to fix it? There IS a right answer.

Episode 15: WDW - Mickey's Boo Bash vs Halloween Horror Nights

We're chatting about the passing of Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, comparing and contrasting it to Mickey's Boo Bash and (scream!) Universal's Halloween Horror Nights.

Episode 14: WDW - Disney Smells

From good to great, bad to horrifying, we're chatting about the all things smelly at the Most Magical place on Earth!

Episode 13: WDW - Is Epcot World Showcase For Children, Too? 

MORE reasons to enjoy time with Yes! even your littles, at Epcot World Showcase! We chat about how YOU can enjoy every moment you’re in this magical place.

Episode 12: Cruising Returns with Alexis Mullen

Alexis of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line joins us as we chat about all the things we miss and can't wait to return to as we cruise aboard Royal's Beautiful Ships again - FINALLY!

Episode 11: WDW - Is Epcot Future World For Children, Too?

Why is this one of our favorite parks with kids of all ages? Discover hidden magic and moments with Sandy, Wendy and CB while we discuss Epcot, Future World.

Episode 10: WDW - What to Expect Summer 2021

Wondering what to expect this summer at Walt Disney World? Masks, characters, social distancing, reservations, mobile oordering and more is covered in this week's episode of 3D Travelcast.

Episode 9: WDW - But It’s Raining

Oh no! Every day you're going to the parks in Florida, it's raining. What to do? Feel better after listening to why you shouldn't stress and what to do when the deluge strikes to make your vacation stay magical!

Episode 8: Disney Parks - What to Pack

Essentials for our trip - and yours! Find out what we put in our luggage and our parks bags in this week's episode. Bonus: Wendy's ready-bag contents for the frequent park goer. What does she take?

Episode 7: Travel Hope and Healing

Take an emotional journey with Wendy, Sandy and CB as they unpack popular quotes and share how travel has changed their lives for the better. Some stories may be troubling for more sensitive listeners.

Episode 6: Beach Bum vs Busy Bee

CB, Wendy & Sandy fight it out over which is better, being the ultimate beach bum or buzzing like a bee all over the beach? It doesn't matter which one you are. You'll find your people on the podcast this week!

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