We dive deep into why we travel to celebrate life, to rejoice, to bond, to build, to heal.
Episode 38: Quick Q&A - Is the Skyliner Scary or Hot?

No air conditioned bucket in the sky can be comfortable. Or can it? CB and Sandy disagree on this one!

Episode 37: WDW Disney Access Service Updates Part #1

From pre-registration to integration with Genie+, we're covering all the pre-trip prep for anyone needing Disney Access Service in this week's podcast.

Episode 36: Flying - An Updated "How To" Guide

All 3 of the 3D TravelCast are back in the studio for a full-length episode walking you through preparation, packing, security, seating and beyond!

Episode 35: Dining Around Universal CityWalk

Sandy and Robin rate and recommend their favorite locations at Universal’s CityWalk in Florida. Gluten Free Included!

Episode 34: Genie, Genie+, and Lightning Lane

Joni and Wendy just returned from Walt Disney World as some of the first to try out the paid replacement for Disney’s Fastpass System - including ILLS!

Episode 33: Quick Chat - All About Rock the Universe

Join a quick chat with Sandy and Robin as we talk about Rock the Universe at Universal Orlando Resort - Florida's largest Christian music festival.

Episode 32: Origin Stories - Universal vs. Disney

From Oswald to Harry Potter, Mickey to Galaxy’s Edge, these two have been fighting it out for nearly 100 years. Find out why they’re both a formidable opponent on this week’s TravelCast.

Episode 31: Origin Stories - Lillian Marie Disney

We take a deep dive into the life of Walt's wife, Lillian Disney. You'll find out why she was exactly who he needed - tough, formidable and passionate, a woman to be reckoned with!

Episode 30: Quick Q&A - How Much Should I Budget for Food at WDW?

Our last Quick Q&A covers one of our top questions - how much do I budget for food at Walt Disney World?

Episode 29: Quick Q&A - I'm Celebrating Something, What Do I Get?

What are reasonable expectations when you visit the Disney Magic? They always ask what you’re celebrating - so, what do you really get? CB & Wendy answer this burning and all-important question.

Episode 28: Quick Q&A - How Old Should My Kids Be When We Go to Disney?

CB & Wendy hop into the studio to answer another of your top questions. "What’s the perfect age for my kids to go to Disney?"

Episode 27: Quick Q&A - How Much Does it Cost to go to Walt Disney World?

CB & Wendy hop into the studio to answer one of the questions our team is asked most frequently. "Just how much does it cost to go to Walt Disney World, anyway?"

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