We dive deep into why we travel to celebrate life, to rejoice, to bond, to build, to heal.
Episode 50: Say it Again, Sandy!

We're approaching a year of 3D TravelCast. What has host Sandy been doing?

Episode 49: What About Wendy?

We're approaching a year of 3D TravelCast. What has host Wendy been doing?

Episode 48: All Aboard the Mardi Gras

Our own Holly Lindsey just hopped off Carnival Cruise Line's beautiful new ship, Mardi Gras, and she visited the 3D TravelCast studio to tell us all about it!

Episode 47: Travel When You're Not Vaxed

What happens when a travel advisor isn't vaccinated, but still loves to travel and book everyone, no matter their status?

Episode 46: Walt Disney World - Disney Access Service Updates Part #2

We recap registration with special guest, Robin Thieme, and share our recent travels with Disney Access Service for disabilities at Walt Disney World.

Episode 45: Virgin NOT Voyage

Carol Beth brings David into the studio for the first time to discuss their missed cruise and the one coming up in just a few weeks. What kind of cruise line is this anyway?

Episode 44: Preparing to be Embarrassed on a Virgin Cruise

Sandy & CB chat openly about husbands, happiness, and double entendre aboard a Virgin Voyage. CB is about to hop on for the first time and David has plans!

Episode 43: Quick Q&A - Can I Skip One of the Universal Parks?

With 3 of the top theme parks in the world, Sandy and CB answer which Universal Orlando Resort theme park you should skip and why?

Episode 42: Quick Q&A - Can I Pass Off My 3 Year Old as 2?

All of a sudden it’s time to buy tickets, upgrade your room and even pay at the buffet. So, can you just pass off your 3 year old as 2 and under?

Episode 41: Quick Q&A - Where Can I Buy a Harry Potter Wand?

"The wand chooses the wizard" but where can you go to be chosen? And do you want to go there? CB & Sandy dig deep into their memories and pockets to answer.

Episode 40: Quick Q&A - Can I Do 4 Disney Parks in a Day?

Find out if you can do 4 Disney parks in a day, should you? Would you? And did Carol Beth succeed when she tried? Sandy finds out.

Episode 39: Quick Q&A - Should I Buy Memory Maker?

A Disney vacation is expensive and we have quality cameras on our phones, so is Memory Maker really "worth it"?

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