We dive deep into why we travel to celebrate life, to rejoice, to bond, to build, to heal.
Episode 98: All Things Alcatraz

"Break the rules, and you go to prison. Break the prison rules, and you go to Alcatraz." Are you ready? Let's explore together!

Episode 97: What about Cabo?

How conquistadors, old Hollywood, and rock legends made Los Cabos the destination it is today.

Episode 96: Where in the World? With Our Spouses - James Armstrong

From military brat to Air Force officer, nomadic living is a way of life for James. We explore the world with James Armstrong.

Episode 95: Where in the World? With Our Spouses - David Scott

From "Why travel? I have everything I need right here" to "I'll go anywhere as long as it's with you." We explore the world with David Scott

Episode 94: Louisiana Locals Guide You Through Mardi Gras

Be guided by locals and experience the fun, food, and bizarre traditions at the original location of all things Louisiana Mardis Gras.

Episode 93: Hidden Secrets of the Venice Film Festival

A celebrity sighting in Venice led us to ask, "Can anyone go to the Venice Film Festival?" and the answer is yes! We tell you how.

Episode 92: My Christmas Was Ruined By COVID - with Joy Oufnac

Hear Joy's story of pain and redemption as a canceled vacation turns out even better.

Episode 91: Disney with Foster Kids - with Christina Esquivel

Can you navigate foster family travel and is it worth it? Listen and learn with Christina Esquivel.

Episode 90: A Favorite Family Vacation with Joni Nilson

When do family memories become treasures that last a lifetime? Hear Joni Nilson's story.

Episode 89: Quick Q&A - Can You Walk from Walt Disney World to Universal Orlando Resort?

Is it possible to walk from Walt Disney World Resort to Universal Orlando Resort? Listen and find out on this week's Quick Q&A with Sandy and Wendy.

Episode 88: Quick Q&A - Universal Orlando Premier Resorts - Worth It?

Time for a 3D TravelCast Quick Q&A! Sandy and Wendy chat about Universal Orlando Premier Resorts.

Episode 87: Quick Q&A - When Should I Purchase Travel Insurance?

Time for a 3D TravelCast Quick Q&A! Sandy and Wendy advise you on when you should purchase travel insurance.

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