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Alien Swirling Saucers l Full Ride Review!


​Some attractions have a single purpose - to make you giggle. Alien Swirling Saucers is one of these attractions!


As part of a special pre-opening press party, I was able to experience Toy Story Land without the lines and crowds, enjoy the food & take photos and videos of ALL the things. This review is one of three, sharing my experience in detail.

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Why yes, you should make Alien Swirling Saucers one of your fastpass & touring priorities during your next Walt Disney World trip!

From the beginning of the queue, you feel completely immersed in Andy's backyard. Did you know this was the theme? All of Toy Story Land is themed to where YOU are a toy, visiting all the other toys Andy played with in his own backyard. 

Nowhere is this illustrated better than in the queue of Alien Swirling Saucers. From the buzz gun dropped along the path in the grass, to the toys in line, you can see the vision for the entire land.

Then, when you board your cute little alien saucer, you know you're riding amongst the aliens, hoping beyond hope to be chosen by THE CLAW! You can choose to ride alone or with someone else. When we were there for the press event, it was all adults, but I'm guessing an adult with two children would fit easily in your saucer.

If you've been on Mater's attraction in Cars Land at Disneyland's California Adventure, you've experienced what happens next. If not, I'll attempt to explain it to you. I should mention, it's not nausea inducing, even for queasy as can be people like me. You move around multiple circles and shift back and forth. When you move from one section to another you WHIP around. That's when the giggles take over! Get ready to laugh and make memories with everyone in your saucer, because it's bound to happen!

​Check out the cuteness all along your path, as you wait to board.

And then, it comes alive at night! The vivid lighting and cooler tempertures make this attraction even better.  I talk more about my recommendations for the entire land in my review of Slinky Dog Dash. 

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