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Woody's Lunch Box l Full Food Review!


​Comfort food & Kitschy Cuteness set the tone for this new outdoor venue in
Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

​As part of a special pre-opening press party, I was able to experience Toy Story Land without the lines and crowds, enjoy the food & take photos and videos of ALL the things. This review is one of three, sharing my experience in detail. 

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Before we begin, a couple of Andy's Lunch Box caveats for your consideration. This is a very small place with limited seating. You'll want to hit the lines before the crowds, work around the regular times for meals by eating at off-times and/or order online via the app. 

Breakfast options include S'mores French Toast with Graham Cracker Crumbles, a turkey, egg & swiss sandwich & a Breakfast Bowl. I'll be honest with you, when given the option to try the S'mores French Toast, I passed. I'm a sad soul who doesn't care for french toast & instead, I interviewed the many diners around me. The words used to describe it were consistently "Gooey, Yummy and Delicious." And the breakfast bowl is simple - scrambled eggs, potato barrels & skillet gravy. I do have a question about "Potato Barrels" - what the heck? When did we all decide to call tater tots potato barrels? And Why? 

Side Note: It was brilliant of Disney to post this breakfast option before Star Wars, Galaxy's Edge comes to town. Grab some gooey goodness & you can keep moving forward into the intergalactic fun by the end of 2019!

Before we head into lunch options, which are a big step up from the breakfast goodness that's pretty great already, I want to call your attention to the cuteness that is the decor of Andy's Lunch Box. ​Pictured from left to right - 

Andy's lunch box is being propped up by this ultra cute thermos, with a retro design from Woody's Roundup.And it's foreshadowing - you'll have the option to order tomato soup with your lunchtime sandwiches. 

Then, you have my very favorite decor moment in all of Toy Story Land - the Babybel seats at the tables made from torn apart cheese, pencils and pieces of Andy's lunch box treats. A very special tabletop is made of the note Andy's mom must have included to say I love you. xoxo and so much mommy love included with every meal.

Finally, the menu for Woody's Lunch Box is in his childish scrawl. They thought of everything, those Disney imagineers. 

Lunch brings you some amazing sandwiches - from brisket, cheddar & monterey jack or just gooey cheese sandwich to a lunchtime Monte Cristo with raspberry jam, the crowning touch of every meal is the garlic toast the sandwiches are served on. You can also order Totchos, which is more "Potato Barrels" that look remarkably like tater tots, served with corn chips, chili and cheese. Basically, all your heart attack-ready foods are served together & it's delicious.

Finally, we have a dessert tart. Yes, they look like pop tarts but they are NOT pop tarts. I know pop tarts. I've had friends who live on pop tarts and these are NO pop tarts. They taste like homemade flaky crusts the grandmother you wish you had might have made for you and served with hot chocolate. 

I'll wrap up this, my final review on Toy Story Land (for now) with some photos I took before opening day & a video produced by Delish. The writer of this Delish segment joined me for a seriously competitive round of Toy Story Midway Mania & I promised to share her video after it was posted (not that she needs my help!).

Check out the food in glorious living color on Delish!

The many chefs coming to the land for press interviews
A view of the menu, along with some Babybel product placement.
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