An Inside Look at all things 3D Travel

From the viewpoint of owner, Carol-Beth Scott

Carol-Beth Scott is the owner of 3D Travel, blessed to share this journey with her amazing team + incredible family. 

Harry Potter, Anyone?


​What's even more Fabulous than Floo Powder?  

A Harry Potter themed trip to Universal Orlando Resort!

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What if I get sick on a Disney Cruise?


​What if the worst happens and you're sick during your cruise?  Here's our story!

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Pirate Ship Sailing in Venice, Italy


​There are moments where you know you'll remember them forever.  

Sailing aboard a Pirate Ship in Venice with my oldest child was definitely one of those moments!  

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Epcot's Flower & Garden Festival - By the NUMBERS!


​Ready for a few quick facts about the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival? 

Mickey's helping us inspect it by the numbers!

Just HOW MANY blooms, bands and butterflies WILL there be? 

The answer may surprise you!

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Performing in the Talent Show aboard Disney Cruise Line


My children live and LOVE getting onstage. During a week long cruise they had the chance to get up on a stage and show their cruise mates what they were made of.

The question was...would they do it? Of course, Hannah would - did - and did it again!

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