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The Pain of Success


Last week, I wrote the 3D Travel Team a letter & received notes of encouragement for many days as different team members heard something that resonated.  Even our wonderful Charlene took time to tell me she thought it was relevant enough to send out every 6 months, as we're all in different stages of success and need to hear it again. Perhaps you need to hear this, too? 

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Why We Don't Sell Airfare


Sometimes saying no is the best answer. 

​If there is something we can do to make our client's lives better, the 3D Travel Team wants to do it. Every day of the year, 3D Team members are on call for traveling and planning clients. We wake up before dawn to modify existing reservations, make new reservations, plans and memories. Often multiple components of any vacation are not commissionable and modifications can even make existing commission go down, but everyone here takes our job as client advocates seriously. We strive to treat our clients even better than the way we want to be treated. And because we don't like to hear the word "No" we try very hard not to say it, but in the case of including airfare, it turns out no is the best kindness we can give. 

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Clutter vs. Memories


​What's on your bucket list?  Making Memories or Accumulating STUFF?

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Keeping Your Kids Safe on a Cruise


I published this article on our old website and recently had requests to publish it again. I hope it continues to help parents make good decisions for their kids!

Yesterday a horrible thing happened, as a man was arrested when the Disney Dream docked. He was arrested for allegedly assaulting a 13 year old child aboard the ship, and he was a cast member.

Last week, a wonderful things happened, as Disney Cruise Line made the choice to immediately believe the child who made the report, fire the alleged pedophile, turn him in and issue a statement. Karl Holz, I knew I liked you, I knew I admired you. Now you're one of my heroes. 

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TOP FIVE ways to keep your spouse happy at DISNEY

​Have you seen this woman? Poor thing.  Angry Splash Mountain Lady, Jordan Alyxander was ticked.  She wanted her husband to experience the Most Magical Place on Earth with her.  (Get it right, news outlets!  The Happiest Place on Earth is Disneyland and she's clearly at Walt Disney World, the most Magical Place on Earth.  Good Gravy!)  Do you see him on there?  Nope.  And this is one of the longest attractions you can visit at any Disney park.  Jordan had a long time to simmer about riding alone.  And simmer she DID!

Okay.  Not really.  She practiced her face and worked for that souvenir picture.  Go Jordan!  She wasn't happy her hubby chickened out - yeah.  I said it.  You chickened out, man!  She decided to make it a humorous moment and she did it up right!  Which brings us to our first pick for TOP FIVE WAYS to keep your spouse HAPPY at DISNEY!

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