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The Guadalupe County Rest Area


During my family's epic cross country road trip, we made use of many rest stops.  But one stood out to us, and we were so amazed by it I just had to write a special post dedicated to telling you all about it! 

Located on I-10 just East of San Antonio is the Guadalupe County rest area.  Not only was this rest area beautiful to look at, but every aspect of it was well maintained.  Inside the building lobby, there is a video that kids can watch while they wait as well as two sets of bathrooms and two family rooms as well.

The women's restroom was not only well-decorated, but contains a permanently built changing table with a rail attached. There was also a trash receptacle next to it for easy disposal. The windows at the top of the room let in plenty of natural light, which added to the design of the restroom.

​But our favorite part of this rest area was the outdoor activities. This rest area features not only a nature trail, but a full playground as well! My toddlers loved this playground, and it gave them a nice area to run around and use some of their pent up energy. The equipment was very clean and in great condition, so I was able to let them run around and play worry-free. Even my husband took advantage of the playground!

Guadalupe County was a great place to stop and take a much needed break, and easily became one of our favorite rest areas.

What are some of your favorite places to stop during a road trip?

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