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Dressing the Pirate PART during Disney Cruise Line's Pirates IN the Caribbean Party!


​Nearly every sailing aboard Disney Cruise Line, you have the opportunity to participate in the ultimate Pirate's IN the Caribbean Party at sea! And if you're doing it right, you dress as a pirate.It's not just the kiddos doing the dressing up! Grandma's, Grandpa's, Aunts, Uncles, Parents and friends ALL plan and wear pirate gear all night long!

During time on deck, it's like a giant sea of black and red. (We love it!)

And by planning ahead, you can enjoy a much more comfortable outfit, spend less and participate with confidence. Why wouldn't you?

​Hannah started planning her Pirate outfit as soon as we booked our cruise. The outfit you see above cost $3.99 on Amazon with free Prime shipping. Now, I know - not all of us can buy a belt for less than $4.00 and pair it with an existing basic black shirt and tank top and call it a day. But what we CAN do is think outside of the box!

And with a cheap bandana, maybe some striped tights/sleeves or a bustier/belt of your own, you will fight right in! Some cruisers check out the offerings on Etsy and support a small business online by purchasing matching shirts, or (even better!) make them at home 

Some of my favorite outfits for men and boys has been puffy shirts. Remember the puffy shirt on Seinfeld? Find one of your own, pair it with some black pants & you're done!

And one of the newest charming items we saw all over the ship? Parrots! Plush parrots were on every guy's arm we saw (nearly!) - from 4 years old to 40, parrots were making outfits awesome.

What do you leave at home? Your insecurity and your fuddy-duddy ways. That is what you leave at home! Disney Cruises are meant to be lived from the point of view of your inner child. So, let me ask you - what does your inner child want from you? What does he or she want to wear? 

 Check out our entire series of posts to find out more about how to make the most of YOUR time during the Pirates IN the Caribbean Party!

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