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Meeting Captain Jack during Disney Cruise Line's Pirates IN the Caribbean Party!


​Of course, there are characters all over the ship during every sailing of Disney Cruise Line. And there are few things as cute as seeing Minnie Mouse dressed up as a pirate maiden aboard ship! 

But our favorite pirate now and forevermore is Captain Jack. 

​When you board the ship for your cruise, you'll want to already have the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app downloaded to your phone. Not only will you use it to message other members of your party, you'll need it to look up the most important information of all - just when and where can you meet the Pirate of all Pirates - Captain Jack Sparrow!?!

Last weekend, we had to do some juggling for our photo op. As much fun as it is to see Jack when you exit the ship for Castaway Cay, and it is! As much fun as that is when you're little pirates, when 50% of your travel party is made up of 15 year old girls, your group is way more excited to dress up and pose under flattering lights. 

When we checked our Navigator App, we found out Jack was doing a special meet, greet and photo op in Studio D, but it started right when we were supposed to be seated at dinner. What to do? What to do?

Then we remembered, we were on a ship! And dinner is long and leisurely and wonderful. We didn't want to stress out our servers by being more than a few minutes late, but we knew if we could be first in line, we could show up and enjoy Captain Jack and walk to dinner. We made a plan!

Amazingly enough, when you're at sea with Captain Jack, he arrives right on time! There were 3 of us, and we all interacted with Jack and still had time to get to dinner. 

How late were we?

4 minutes! In Caribbean Cruise time, that's not even late. As we arrived, half the restaurant was still empty!

And was it worth it? Sitting outside Studio D on the carpet, giggling with the other Captain Jack Fans? TOTALLY WORTH IT! As Jack arrived, fully in character, stumbling into the room with a crazy-sarcastic-pirate-mouth, we were making memories. And it was AWESOME!

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